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John and Danielle Wolf enjoy a strong, secure marriage. They love spending time together, love a good night out, watching movies, attending plays, and dining at exclusive restaurants. Strangely enough, they even play sports together: Mesmerize the Mortal, Race the Train, and even the new craze, Hunt the Werewolf. Just your typical vampire games… Initiated into the vampire brotherhood more than 900 years ago, John and Danielle have survived due to their incredible ability to adapt and change. But even though they’ve battled some of the world’s worst monsters, they’re about to go head-to-head with something much more dangerous: an endless stream of heavily armed religious fanatics who know their every weakness. Known as the Sword of God, the group was created by Pope Gregory IV in the seventh century for the sole purpose of defeating the physical manifestations of evil—and that includes vampires. When the group discovers that Danielle and John are elder vampires and therefore incredibly powerful, they will stop at nothing, even if it means using their clan of werewolves, to destroy the husband-and-wife team. For John and Danielle, it’s been a great 900 years of wedded bliss. But are their marriage—and their lives—about to come to an end?
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