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Invasion: Zombie Apocalypse: THEM, #1

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Praise for THEM -

"The military references are superbly authentic, giving Scratch some credibility as an everyday hero, and I loved the characterization and development that had clearly gone into even the smallest of side characters. Despite the violence and gore of the horror genre, I smiled all the way through this accomplished and engaging read. Overall, THEM Invasion is a rip-roaring action fest with plenty to entertain fans of the zombie, action, adventure and horror genres, especially if they also love Texas!" ~ K.C. Finn, Reader's Favorite Reviews (5-star review)

“…manages to blend everything I like about zombie novels, vampire hunting novels, dystopian fiction at large, the CW show Supernatural, and John Wayne westerns all in one beautiful, gore-infused shot. This series is a must read for horror enthusiasts and zombie fans alike.

~ Fox Emm, ZombieApocalypse reviews

Aidan Sullivan is a war vet coping with PTSD by isolating himself from the world. After a violent encounter causes him to relapse, he retreats to the only place he feels safe—the deep wilderness of his family's Hill Country ranch.

But when a surprise nuclear attack forces him from hiding, he finds the world he left behind to be a much different and deadlier place. And to rescue his aging parents, he's forced to traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape populated by violent redneck looters, rogue military factions, and an army of hungry undead.

Aidan knows he's in a race against the clock, because it's only a matter of time before his parents' home is overrun by the walking dead. Will he save them from the dead, or lose the last of his family to a world that's slipped into chaos and madness?

Incursion: Vampire Apocalypse is an urban fantasy novel that takes readers through a paranormal apocalypse unlike any other. Grim and violent, but also by turns humorous and lighthearted, it's the perfect read for fans of zombie apocalypse books and apocalypse fiction.

If you're looking for a new zombie apocalypse series, dark fantasy series, or vampire series to get lost in, pick up Incursion: Vampire Apocalypse today and discover the dark and deadly world of M.D. Massey's THEM...

M.D. Massey resides in Austin, Texas, where he hangs out with his enormous American bulldog while he writes the kinds of stories that he likes to read.

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