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Jazz Baby

311 pages4 hours


In the world of illegal speakeasies, Kate Kirkland has her life running smoother than a Model T. Maybe moving the family bar into the basement wasn t the best choice for her alcoholic brother, but Kate s making them a living until a local gangster tries to expand his territory. Right into her bar.

Luckily Micah Trent, her handsome and too-suave bootlegger, is ready and willing to offer her a helping hand. If Kate can bring herself to accept it. Since sharing one sensual dance to seal their deal, she can t ignore the delectably wicked way he makes her feel.

Micah is keeping secrets of his own. He s a Prohibition Agent, sworn to shut down the gin mills and distilleries that keep illegal booze flowing. Kate s speakeasy is next on his list right after he uses her as bait to catch the gangster hunting her.

But even if Micah and Kate can maneuver their way through the gangsters dangerous underworld, will their love survive the trial by fire?

This book is a stand alone. No cliffhangers here!

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