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The Caller - Volume 2

63 pages54 minutes


A story about horniness, obedience and the secret ties between women

This collected edition contains all 8 chapters of the parts 7 to 12 of the Caller Series in one volume.

What would you do if someone just told you to do it? Where would you draw the line? What act would be too base, too depraved, too dark for you to commit?

The sequel to the acclaimed Volume 1 of the Caller explores the deep, dark secrets of order and obedience, the freedom of being taken and the thrill of the taking. It trails along the boundaries of what is comfortable and pushed out into the unknown wilds of the uncomfortable, the forbidden and the dangerous.

How many women will be drawn into the call? How will they react when they're being taken advantage of? Will they please, and be pleased? Will they melt under the shame or break under the force? And how will it change the Caller?

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