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The world is full of big bad wolves for a young girl growing in a small sheltered town. From one small wrong step, trouble snowballs into bigger and bigger trouble. She sinks into the murky seedy underworld. She becomes a kept woman. She finds there is no way out, she commits suicide.

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Wannabe Socialite - ann chin

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Title:  Wannabe Socialite

Author:  Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan

Publisher:  Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan

Address:  Auckland 1022


Publication Date:  3/2016

About the author

Ann Chin is a New Zealand Chinese.

Her full name, Kit Suet meaning pure snow, is her Chinese name.

Her Dad’s surname is Chan, and her husband’s Chin. She chose to use both for her professional name

Ann Chin was born in Sibu, British Sarawak in Borneo.

She attended Methodist Primary and Secondary school in Sibu.

She graduated from the University of Windsor (Canada), Auckland University and Auckland University of Technology.

She teaches ESOL to children and adults in New Zealand.

She is a parent advocate, and a public speaker.

Her favourite charity is the Deaf children in Kenya. She helped raise funds to separate the pair of Nepalese Siamese twins in Singapore.

Ann is the 4th child of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Chan Hiu Fei and Mrs. Mary Kong Wah Kiew.

Ann is the author:

Diary of a Bereaved Mother, Goodbye my baby,

From China to Borneo and Beyond.

English and Chinese Edition,

Mail Order Bride,

Cry, the Oppressed Women

World War II in Borneo.

One roof, two lives.



To my husband, Dr Chin Chen Onn for his love and help in the production of this book.

To my surviving children, Deborah, Gabrielle and Sam

To my siblings for their ideas and encouragement.

To Sam who helped in the formatting.

To Jane Kallang and Arlene Teo for artwork.

To my daughter Deborah for encouraging me to venturing into eBooks.

To my many friends who gave me ideas and notes of their   parents' war times experience.

To Chung Mui Kong for sharing experience in writing and encouragement.

To my late father for instilling the love of writing in me when I was very young.

To my late mother for guiding me every afternoon.

To her late baby son, Andrew, Not one moment is she not thinking of him.

Author’s note

This is a work of fiction with very plausible scenarios. It is a figment of imagination of the author. Any resemblance of persons is purely coincidental. While these scenarios are fictitious, the reader will notice that some of them are familiar. This is because I use ideas from reading the newspapers, watching television news and listening to tales of my grandparents and my parents. I have also used Cantonese Quang Ning pinyin and local Malaysian words when referring to names or titles of certain people. This gives the authenticity of the book. The Cantonese words are well explained in the foot notes.

The Wannabe Socialite

I am Lynette Dawson, I am a clinical psychologist. This is a case study of patient.

She, Nicky, came with her friend. Rather her forty something friend brought her for her first therapy session.

I am Ah Lan, Nicky’s friend.

Hello Ah Lan, how are you? I greeted her.

Stunned and confused with Nicky’s condition, Nicky husband thinks she is mad for screaming a lot and being hysterical and unstable. He asked Ah Lan to take her to see a general practitioner.

Nicky’s general practitioner suggested that it would be helpful for her to see you. Actually she has a court order, the police want to arrest her for cheating and other offences. informs her friend.

Thank you, I already had a telephone call from her GP.

Can I leave her with you? Asked Ah Lan.

She will be fine, you don’t have to stay. I will tell my receptionist to call you when her session is finished.

Ah Lan went over to Nicky, touched her shoulder, I am going now, Nicky, you will be safe with Dr Lynette.

There was no response from Nicky. She went straight to my leather couch, wrapped her arms around herself and huddled into herself. She curled up like a fetal ball and starting to rock.

I am Dr Lynette and together we will get better.

No reply, I looked at her, her long hair was piled on the top of her head with hair dangling on to her shoulder. I don’t think she was deliberately having a fashionable messy bun. Rather, she was unkempt and not maintained her hair. Her hair was naturally black, but she had dyed it dark red. She had not maintained her colour as half of the length were red and half black, and greying on top.

She had taken her Jimmy Choo stiletto shoes off. Everything on her shouts money. She had an elegant Jens Hansen solitaire diamond engagement on her ring finger. On her wrist and neck were matching bracelets and necklace. Her big loop earrings dangled from her ear lobes, lining along the lobes were five tiny diamond studs. Quite unusual for a woman of her age, of forty.

Her clothes exhibited opulence and luxury. They were expensive designer brands. Her clothes and accessories that people could only dream of seeing other people wear, let alone wear. Her persona screaming out, Look at me, Look at me, I am rich. I am successful. She was a high maintenance woman.

Her personal hygiene spoke otherwise. She had lost pride in herself and let go of everything. Her perfume reeked of staleness, her chin had dried drool, and her mascara had been rubbed off and smeared on her eyes lids.

But on closer look, her clothes were all imitations, fake brands of luxury products. I smiled. Does she have ethics?

She was still curled up, zonked out from a cocktail of sleeping pills and the alcohol she had taken.

I left her and went to my desk. Typed out my observation. A rich possibly socialite, a Tai Tai [1]or a wannabe. This would be a long path to recovery. If she opens out, we can slowly unravel this tightly revelled mind.

I wonder what triggered this pitiful sight.

When I finished my notes, she was still curled up. We were not going anywhere.

Rose, will you call her friend to come and pick Nicky up. Make another appointment in two days’ time.

It took half an hour for Ah Lan to turn up. She went straight to the couch. She called Nicky to wake up.

Nicky, you can wake up now, it is time to go home.

"How is it, Doctor? Enquired Ah Lan.

"It is going to take a long time, if she continues