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Off Track: The Madeline Journeys, #1

328 pages5 hours


Kidnapped to a magical world and asked to fulfill a prophecy she doesn't understand, Madeline struggles to return home before the door closes.

Madeline had a life plan. It didn't include being dragged to a magical world where life danced on the edge of a blood feud and she was responsible for saving the land from invaders.

The prophecy is vague about what she must do, but spot on that it's her job to save the land for Arabela, the arrogant bitch who pulled her out of her cushy life. No one listens to her pleas to go home.

Madeline knows only one thing for sure. She can't fall in love with a handsome knight because she's going home as soon as magically possible. That's something she will control if it kills her.

If you love epic fantasy series with a twist of romance and a reluctant hero, you'll love the first book in the Madeline Journeys.

Get Off Track today and join Madeline as she fights everyone for a chance to go home.

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