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Unveiling Life in the Spirit From Exodus

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This is part of a series of books in which particular verses are picked from books of the bible, and the issues of Life in the Spirit are explored, in the light of the mind of God for us.
In this book, we explore four topics, from different verses in the book of Exodus. They are: God and the prophet; Oil for the light; Altar; and Perpetual anointing.
God and the prophet
“The people of God are supposed to be prophetic people. That was the desire of Moses in the wilderness (Numbers 11:29). Therefore he said to Joshua that rather than have the monopoly of the prophetic gift, he desire that the thousands and thousands of the people of Israel should be prophets.
“That shows us the ultimate aim of the prophetic ministry (for which the ministry of Moses was a type). It is not to see things for people but to facilitate their seeing.”
Oil for the light
“The Holy Spirit is not just a goosy feeling. He is a person and an awesome one at that. He killed Ananias and Sapphira remember, using the words of Peter (Acts 12:1-13).

“All in all we see that the word gives the form while the spirit gives the function (anatomy and physiology).”
“God when he created man, wanted him to set up a world that will be heaven on earth. The Garden of Eden before the fall of man was a special place. It was an altar, a place for God to come down and meet man. But when man was chased out form the garden, there was hardly any other altar anywhere on the earth. But in the fullness of time, Jesus walked the earth and said that his mission was to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10). And what was lost was God’s absolute influence (the definition of his kingdom) on the earth through man.”
Perpetual anointing
“That is why once you have been renewed by Spirit (Titus 3:5), it is perpetual, and when we received the baptism on the Holy Spirit, it is in perpetuity (Acts 19:1-18). The Holy Spirit comes with gifts, power and wisdom which are yours in perpetuity, since the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit is as permanent resident, not just as a visitor.”

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