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The Hope of Perfection

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Ever suspected if Commentaries and Bible teaching on the Book of Hebrews were missing something in the message the author wanted to convey? Ever suspected it was written for a greater purpose than to explain the better things of the New Covenant? John Corin believes there is an understanding of the letter that needs to be unveiled for the endtimes. From a teaching ministry of more than forty years in Bible Colleges and Churches, in this exposition you will learn how the typology of the Feast of Tabernacles found in the letter reveals a glorious hope for believers in Christ at the end. The hope of finally reaching maturity because of a final installment of salvation at the end. an outpouring of the Spirit that has been 'reserved in heaven' for those who are willing to pay the price of qualification.
While skirting the heretical teaching of 'sinless perfection', you will learn there is every reason to hope for a maturity of character and ability that will give you victory over what has kept you ashamed and discouraged for too long, the 'law of sin and death'. The same glorious hope Paul speaks of that promises sin and death will be overcome in our mortal bodies before their resurrection. The ungodly will finally have the powerful witness to the gospel and truth they have always craved.

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