Eleven Self Empowerment Protocols is a teaching about becoming whole, complete within oneself. In our world this is all but unimagined. As our civilization advances there are more and more of us that are self-sustaining. Think of people as self-fulfilling, self-generating and self-satisfied, this consciousness and at the same time integrated into family and society, it’s the way of the future. The way it is other people have too much weight in our decision making process. Other people’s opinions, unsolicited and hurled at us, are really just their opinions of them selves and rarely have anything to do with us. Coming to terms with this new form of awareness is the next step in the conscious growth of humanity. This work reminds you to recognize that you are feeling bad. Then how to plug in a Protocol… Voila, just resume carefree play! The book is designed to put your life back in your own hands. The age of co-dependence is coming to a close. Classes, teachers books, yes, now add something else to it, yourself. It’s time to put it up on line internally. Welcome yourself to the world of self-sovereignty, a life where you decide and therefore create your reality. “It’s no longer about some guru. It’s time to see that it is about you.”
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