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Moses in the Holy Scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: A Call for Peace

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Hate must be stopped between Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and must be replaced by respect, love, and peace.

The purpose of this book is to motivate Jews, Christians, and Muslims to understand the religion of each other. I recommend Interfaith Dialogue Meetings as a way to assist in this understanding. Jews, Christians, and Muslims can live together in harmony if they respect one another.

In order to achieve this aim, I have chosen Moses as the central figure of this book because he is a great figure in the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

This is a research book based on the study of comparative religions, the history of ancient Egypt, and the views of ancient and modern historians and thinkers.

This research took most of my time during the last ten years. I gained significant knowledge from this research. I believe that life is a continuous quest for knowledge.

This is an unbiased presentation. I have attempted to be as objective and neutral as possible in my writings. To keep my commitment of neutrality to the readers, I did not use "Pbuh", which means "Peace be upon him", after the name of each prophet, because this symbol is used by Muslims only.

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