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Length: 32 pages29 minutes


Dana is a big girl. Chubby. A big, beautiful woman. And she's made her peace with that, even though it's meant a lot of lonely nights throughout high school and college. Now a grown woman, Dana has accepted that she is going to be "curvy" for the rest of her life, and that most men probably aren't going to pay much attention to her.

Then she goes on a business trip with a coworker, and the sparks start flying. Dana, secure in who she is, finds herself suddenly shy and unwilling to expose herself to the handsome man who's courting her. Will she push him away, or will she overcome her fear and let herself be loved by a man who loves big, beautiful, curvy women?

This story is approximately 7,600 words; perfect for your iPhone or other mobile eReader. Take a chubby little fantasy with you wherever you go!

"Curvy" contains graphic and explicit depictions of hot, wet, plus-sized sex, and is not intended for minors -- or the faint of heart!

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