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Sometimes Heaven Whispers Through a Megaphone; Sometimes Heaven Nudges Us With a Catapult

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I’ve lived practically my whole life understanding that heaven surrounds all of us.
This is a collection of true stories about my personal experiences that I’ve been telling to my family and friends for years. Eventually, I decided to preserve them by writing them out. As the collection came together, I began to see the stories in a new light. What they reveal collectively, in my opinion, is how miraculously close heaven is to all of us and the roles that our loved ones who are in heaven play in our lives.
Spirits, guides, guardians, angels—I believe these loving and powerful beings are with us all the time, and they can both command and break the laws of science—to perform miracles—when the need to steer, teach and protect us.
You know that you have experienced a miracle when the combination of all things scientific is perfect for the expected outcome, and something else happens instead—that’s divine intervention. That’s when the spirits or our guides have stepped in and altered life in order for a different miraculous outcome to occur.
Another kind of miracle is that in our waking lives and in our sleep, guardian angels, spiritual guides and other messengers are communicating with us. The voice in the back of your mind, the idea that pops out of nowhere or the image that appears in your head—sometimes you’re not sure where they come from. They are coming from heaven.

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