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Moviebob's Idiot Box: The Television Writing of Bob Chipman

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They say we're living in the "Golden Age of Television," but critic and pop-culture commentator Bob Chipman isn't so sure - and in this collection of his TV reviews and articles he makes his case. While other film writers binge Netflix and praise limited-run cable dramas, Chipman seeks the hidden depths in classic reruns, seeks the real appeal of episodic cop shows, mourns the end of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, skewers the sacred cows of South Park and renews his faith in The Simpsons.

While perhaps best known as the creator and star of classic Web Video series like Escape to The Movies, The Big Picture and The Game OverThinker; Bob Chipman has also published numerous volumes of written reviews, commentaries, thinkpieces and features covering the worlds of film, television, video games and the broader breadth of popular culture. Now, through The MovieBob Anthology, a selection of his best work is yours to own - selected and organized by theme by Bob Chipman himself.

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