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The Global Traveller Series: 20,000 km by Train

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The Global Traveller Series inspires to explore the world and undertake cultural journeys, so that you become a Global Traveller as well.

'20,000 km by Train' describes the extraordinary adventures of an overland train journey from Zurich to Shanghai: 285 hours and 20,000 km by train from Zurich to Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Lhasa and Shanghai. It includes the 6-day non-stop train on the Trans-Mongolia Express, as well as the pressurised train (like an airplane) on the Lhasa Express route. The book further includes the adventures during an 8-day tour in Tibet to visit many Buddhist monasteries, as well as the Everest Base Camp at 5,200m.

This travel journal:
-describes the adventures in a slow long-haul means of transportation.
-covers topics that the travel agents don’t know about.
-shares key organisational and spiritual insights from this journey.
-visualises the adventures through many pictures


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