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The Poetry Club

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For years Josh expressed himself and found intellectual fulfillment through poetry. Within the embrace of his loved ones and modernist poets, he has found inspiration through life, in love. Josh initiated The Poetry Club, sending his reflections to his family for encouragement and comments. His family, moved by his expressions, began sending responses. These responses fostered a journey and wove chapters using threads from his thoughts and feelings conveyed so eloquently. Josh’s journey is written in these pages as he finds his life and his love. As Josh searched for inspiration, he inspired those around him to live more and love better. Let these messages from Josh allow you to meet your fears, conquer your demons, create your warm and deep summers and find solace even in the loneliness of barren trees submerged in winter’s frozen promises. We hope you find your own meaning and musing as you turn these pages and relate to Josh’s journey.

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