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A Collection of Dystopian Tales

108 pages1 hour


A convict serving his community service cleaning the dystopian streets of Ostere witnesses an attack on a young girl and becomes the hero and suspect at the same time.

Three young ladies are chased from their house by a man with a hairy, flashy disposition. They don't take to his bullying attitude and plot his gruesome downfall

With his mother's jewelry in hand Tommy leaves home to seek recompense to pay his ailing mother's medication. Instead he returns with a pill pot of seeds.

Coming ...

Two children, surplus to requirements by their new stepmother are taken to the dark dingy streets of Ostere and left for dead. Knowing of her plans they have marked the many turns and find their way back home. Enraged she takes them back, deeper into the crime ridden streets of Ostere, to be used and abused by her evil sister.

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