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Open Your Third Eye

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In this E-book ‘Open Your Third Eye’ you will be shown techniques and advice on how to open your third eye. You will be gently guided through a six step process that will over time, tap into your unconscious minds ability to open your 3rd eye. This will happen as a consequence of natural law. You see most people are too busy trying to utilize complex techniques and arduous methods. The truth is your third eye can be opened simply providing you are prepared to follow a few simple instructions and guidelines.

What you do with your 3rd eye is up to you, although I share with you these secrets in the hope that your interest in life, the universe, and who you are becomes stimulated.

Indeed that you may become a stronger contributor to the human race and not just one of the many manipulators who just take from the planet without giving anything back. I have included several sections on health, which I consider important issues when tackling a subject of this nature. Further I have included exercises that might be regarded as additional material that supports your development; including an exercise to help you develop telepathy. This book is a valuable resource. I really hope you will enjoy it.

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