In "The Alter Is Open" it illuminate the attributes of Jesus, and remind readers of the very real ways in which Jesus works on His people's behalf. Throughout the book, it demonstrate how God cares intimately about His people and their problems, and how trusting in God leads to a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with Him. It acknowledge the reality of sin, coupled with Christ's very real power to overcome it. it reminds readers to continually pray, believing that God will answer. It also urge readers to be content in all circumstances, even in the midst of frustration or unmet expectations. Continually, it emphasize the importance of trust, reminding readers that even when things seem to be spiraling out of control, God knows what is coming, and will work all things for His people's benefit. "The Alter Is Open" speaks particularly to issues of loneliness, and to readers who have either never married, or have dealt with the pain of broken marriages. In addressing these situations, it reminds readers that their worth and identities are in Christ, and that a relationship with God is more fulfilling and life-giving than any human relationship could be. It discuss the healing that comes from forgiveness, and the liberation that comes from an honest confrontation of the past. "The Altar Is Open" could be a helpful gift to those who find themselves newly and unexpected alone. And yet, for all readers it could serve to draw them closer to God, and into a deeper awareness of themselves. Amen and Amen!!!!!!
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ISBN: 9781450053129
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