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The Scatterbrained Magician: The Scatterbrained Magician Series, #1

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When a magician’s assistant is pushed to the brink, will he show up when needed, or will he flee?

An overworked, kid assistant has to make a choice. Hide in the shadows of a scatterbrained magician, or show the world who is really running things. With the assistant’s help, the magician could put on an amazing show—or will it turn out to be an amazing wreck? 

If your child likes fun and adventure-filled chapter books, then you’ll love The Scatterbrained Magician book series. Buy The Scatterbrained Magician to start your fast-paced magical adventure today! 

About This Series: 
The Scatterbrained Magician Series features the adventures of The Amazing Foxworthy and Moxie. Foxworthy is the most admired and talented magician ever to perform. However, unbeknownst to all, he is a bit of a scatterbrain. It is a good thing that his trusted assistant, Moxie, is always there to pick up the slack.  

These two characters delight and dazzle as they go on their many adventures together.  

Your kids will love this children's chapter book series, and you will love it too. The stories transcend age. Younger children (age 6-8) may like you to read the books to them. Intermediate readers (age 9-10) will enjoy reading the books by themselves. Even parents will enjoy the action and adventure found in these stories. 

These short reads are also great for reluctant readers. They will be on the edge of their seats with the fast pace of the books.  

Books in the Series: 
The Scatterbrained Magician, Book 1 
Turtle Trouble, Book 2 
Tests and Trials, Book 3

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