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Girl on Deck

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If anyone had told overachieving Lucy Perkins that at 23 she'd be sharing the guest room in her parents' house with her almost-dead cat, she wouldn't have believed them. 

But that's exactly where she is -- back in Boston, enrolled in graduate school (because school is all she knows how to do) and scrambling to make friends in a city she swore she'd never return to. Terrified by the prospect of "what's next," the girl who thought she had it all figured out is quickly realizing there's one tiny thing she's unprepared for: actual adulthood.

Enter Jake Graham: the older, pot-smoking hippie bred for anything but Lucy's overachieving, WASPy world. Oh, and minor detail: he's also a starting pitcher on the Boston Red Sox, and, Lucy's convinced, the answer to all her uncertainty. Just like everything else in her life, she will conquer this challenge and "win" Jake -- at any cost. 

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