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Off Track and The New Normal: The Madeline Journeys

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It starts with a blood feud that threatens to destroy a land and it ends with an old enemy tied up ready for a blood sacrifice.

A law degree can't prepare you to fight a magical battle. Madeline wants out, but she can't turn her back on a land in danger. If only she understood the prophecy that landed her here. She just needs to do the job and get home where she's safe from magic and handsome knights.

People don't change, but is that enough reason to let an old enemy die alone on a strange world? Madeline is settled in her new world and now she's made a mistake that could destroy her old enemy. Is it worth the guilt to let it happen? Madeline must find a way to save the Choi and Lee, even if it means her own life is on the altar.

Get the first two journeys and join Madeline's battle for the world.

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