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Love Found Me (A City Love Novel, Book 1)

301 pages4 hours


Successful NYC forensic accountant, Danielle Prentiss has it all: beauty, a posh penthouse, fancy car, and all the luxuries a girl could want— except for love. Danielle spent her life chasing a career, and coming home to a lonely bed, believing love to be seriously overrated. Though she has just made partner at a prominent firm, her entire world's about to turn upside down once she realizes -- success and secrets come at a price.

IT Consultant and technology expert, Roman Jules is well known for his brilliant and elaborate takedowns on very rich and powerful people— and having absolutely no interest in love and marriage. He's happy being the party boy with all his toys. That is, until he meets Danielle and unexpected circumstances thrust them into a world where corruption, secrets and betrayal are less complicated than the attraction they share.

Danielle soon realizes that the life she is trying so hard to avoid is about to catch up with her. But when Roman proves to be a man worthy of her trust, Danielle begins to realize there just might be more to the debonairly handsome man than she'd previously thought. Or is he? Can a woman hiding from her past and anyone who could love her— and the party boy who has no interest in being reformed— find forever together? Maybe a little chaos is just what Danielle needs to get her life on track, and realize what matters most. Or will she?

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