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Zarda: The Journey Begins

374 pages5 hours


Born in sea foam and blessed by the Great Goddess, Zarda is raised to be a woman among women.

Zarda's mythic journey leads her through field and forest, mountain and valley, searching for the spiritual truth. She encounters love, evil, revenge, rape, lust, death, birth and all that woman meets along life's journey.

Honored by her homeland, she strikes out alone to find her place in the world with only her knowledge that truth is love and love is truth.

Along the way, Zarda meets her first love, a duplicitious Priestess, a magical wise woman, a young lover, and the Great Goddess. Throughout her journey she is connected with her teacher Morrigan, Her mother Rhiannon and her father Hector by mystical dreams.

Open and loving to all that cross her path, Zarda knows that she has been chosen to spread the truth of love. Although her journey is difficult, she knows her physical and spiritual guides will lead her to the glory of being a leader for all the ages.

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