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The Problem with Pretending: The Meadowview Series, #2

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Jack's best friend Lia has asked him a favor—help her get over her fear of dating. Whatever could go wrong?

Lia Sawyer's ready to start dating again and is about to ask out one of Meadowview's hottest firefighters. But when when she overhears his friend say he thinks she's frigid and would probably be bad in bed, she quickly bails on the idea. Because…um, yeah, that rumor isn't too far off the mark.

But Lia's determined to change, so her solution? Ask the one man she knows she can trust—Jack Gibson—for a teeny tiny favor.

Years before, Jack had a thing for his best friend's younger sister, but back then he'd taken too long to ask her out. However, Lia's been a widow for two years now, and it's time he goes for what he wants.

Only when Lia comes to him with a bizarre request—give her sex lessons so she can date Peter Leary (aka, NOT him)—his entire plan is thwarted.

Reluctantly, Jack agrees to Lia's plan but secretly creates one of his own: during the course of their "lessons," he'll make sure she falls in love—with him!

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