Six Bits

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Six Bits

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars3/5 (1 rating)
Length: 661 pages10 hours


It's three days before Christmas and Jack London Clarke has just issued a stunning ultimatum to his wife, following a damaging confrontation regarding his suspected infidelity. As Jack prepares to flee his suburban Chicago estate, a knock upon the front door delivers a most unlikely character who sets in motion Jack's personal life to spinning out of control.

 Consumed by entitlement, excess and temptation, Jack has grown ignorant to his own moral decay and a hardened heart that has alienated the three women who love him most. When his family turns up missing, he's forced to face the reality of his ways, and the realization that the life he once had - but never knew - may be lost forever.

 With only a mysterious telegram, improbable email, and antique newspaper as his guides, Jack is thrust into an epic, unsuspecting journey of redemption and self-discovery. Searching through a world not known to modern man, he stumbles upon welcoming strangers who reintroduce him to those things in life most important. It's only when he confronts the skeletons of his past and empties his soul of the scars of a debauched childhood that he can dream of ever seeing his family again.

Second Edition
173,000 words

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