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Valley of the Shadow: The Desolate Empire, #2

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A captive prince. A desperate princess. An alliance that will shake the foundations of an empire. 

In the wake of battle, Kendryk finds himself the prisoner of Empress Teodora. As war ravages Terragand, Kendryk's guilt is matched only by his fear that he will never see his family again. Gwynneth, in possession of a valuable captive but sworn to keep him close, faces Teodora's wrath as she waits in anguish for relief. 

But when Gwynneth's rescue comes, the empire will never be the same again. 

A tide of religious upheaval sweeps across the land, bearing men and women toward their fates. The delicate joy shared by Janna and Braeden will be shattered; the king of a neighboring kingdom will walk the edge of madness; and an oath of vengeance will bind three unlikely allies together in a desperate attempt to curb Teodora's ambitions once and for all. 

The Desolate Empire, Christina Ochs' epic fantasy series, continues in Book 2:Valley of the Shadow. 

Reading order:
1- Rise of the Storm
2- Valley of the Shadow
3- Hammer of the Gods
4- Winter of the Wolf
5- Fall of the Titan
6- Blood of the Empire

Prequel: The Forsaken Crown

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