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Touch of Class Rebecca's Secret

67 pages58 minutes


Book one in the Touch of Class series begins with a small girl called Rebecca with a big perverted problem. In an old English Girls' School, Rebecca's sexual awakening messily explodes onto the page.

At the back of class Rebecca struggles to contain her desires for her beautiful teacher, Miss Kay. Unable to resist, she secretly masturbates under her skirt at her desk. Just as she is about to orgasm, Louise, the school bully, catches her.

Without remorse Louise exposes Rebecca's naughty touching to the rest of the class. With the shocking revelation, Miss Kay makes Rebecca stay behind after the lesson.

Spurred on by Rebecca's frank honesty, Miss Kay falls for the girl's sweet sexual charms. Risking her career and her freedom, Miss Kay shows Rebecca how to masturbate. Both teacher and student soon get carried away and squirt with soaking shared orgasms.

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