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The Essay Network: How I Built a Million Dollar Online Business Selling Essays

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This book gives a detailed account of how I built an automated online service-based business that sells custom essay writing services. In my eight years at it, the business has done nearly $2 million in revenue. It gives an inside-look at my back-story, specifically the ups and downs that come along with building and growing a business. Readers will benefit from hearing about my experiences and the lessons I learned along the way, and they can apply these to their own pursuits of entrepreneurship. The philosophy that has served as the basis for my business over the years is that we must seek money for the sake of time, and for this reason I sought to automate everything while also creating location-independence. I continually prioritized time over money because that is the essence of lifestyle design. This book can be used as a blueprint for how to create an automated online business and how to live rich.

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