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Love Story at Indian Foot Lake

174 pages2 hours


Psychologically scarred from traumatic events in her teen years, young librarian Sylvia Marshall reunites with her long-lost childhood sweetheart and worries that her odd habits, weird obsessions, and scandalous past might thwart their budding romance. Her concerns grow deeper when she learns that he has secrets as well. Then, an unexpected turn of events throws them all into a whirlwind of mystery, danger, and intrigue as her very life is threatened by an old enemy whose identity is an enigma.

Sylvia learns that her near hermit-like lifestyle had been preventing her from experiencing many of the most profound pleasures of life. But just when her appreciation for love, relationships and family becomes most promising, all is thrown into jeopardy with the stalking of a strange, disfigured villain who lurks in the shadows. Caught in the middle of love an danger, will Sylvia discover the happiness she longs for? But first, will she survive the invisible enemy who wishes to kill her? With a surprise ending you'll never see coming, this is one romantic suspense story you won't want to miss!

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