“Humility and Pride” is a comprehensive treatise on Christian humility, from its true meaning and significance in a Christian life to an everyday guide to cultivating humility in our own hearts. Our Lord Jesus Christ often referred to humility as a necessary condition for acquiring His heavenly kingdom and eternal life. Jesus also left us the most profound and perfect example of humility. The fundamental role of humility is also explained in the writingsof the Early Church Fathers and further illustrated by their own lives. This book offers a diligent summary of these sermons, writings and personal examples. Humility can only be acquired through grace, but we first needto understand what humility means and why it is important, have an actual desire to acquire it and be willing to practice it in our everyday lives. A former abbot and a prominent bishop, the author offers a detailed, down-to-earthguidance on doing our part in Lord’s salvation work.
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