The Checklist Manifesto (Review and Analysis of Gawande's Book)

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The Checklist Manifesto (Review and Analysis of Gawande's Book)

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The must-read summary of Atul Gawante's book "The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right".

This complete summary of the ideas from Atul Gawante's book "The Checklist Manifesto" shows that when solving problems, it’s easy to get caught up in the complexities whilst ignoring the obvious, simple solutions. This summary highlights that every business sector can take some tips from the commercial aviation industry’s emphasis on checklists. Indeed, despite the growth of super-specialisation, steps are sometimes missed, which demonstrates that problems often exist not because of a lack of knowledge, but just because routine can create complacency. 

Added-value of this summary: 
• Save time 
• Understand the key concepts
• Expand your business knowledge

To learn more, read "The Checklist Manifesto" and reduce business failures by using checklists!
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