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The Mystery of Table Mountain

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The Mystery of Table Mountain is a fast moving action packed epic of a young college man, James Raymond, who is framed for murder by his uncle, aunt and her brother. The story takes James out west as he eludes lawmen. It is here he sees the inaccessible Table Mountain and is enamored with its beauty and security. Through his ingenuity James finds a way to the top of the mountain and discovers a paradise. The day after he discovers an access to the mountain top he miraculously rescues a young woman from Indians and shares his “Garden of Eden” with her in a clandestine relationship.The story has several romances threaded through its fabric adding spice as it unfolds. The story is told in first person to enable the reader to feel James’ pain and ecstasy more intimately.The Mystery of Table Mountain is the first part of a trilogy. Each story stands alone as it takes the reader through different eras of James Raymond’s life. The other two books in chronological order are: The Miracle and A Call To Duty. Both of these books will be available shortly.William Post was reared in the West Texas town of Colorado City. He was educated at Texas A. & M. then served in the United States Navy. After his service he became a land surveyor for the Southern Pacific Railroad. This took him to the wilds of New Mexico, Arizona and California where he immersed himself in the lore of those areas. This becomes apparent throughout the stories in these settings. William has always had a wonder lust. At the age of fifteen he traveled by himself to New York City then caught an oil tanker down to South America to visit his aunt, uncle and cousins who lived on the island of Aruba. He has traveled nearly every interstate in America visiting most of the national parks and their mysteries. He has actually lived in seven of the fifty states. William is a professional engineer and holds licenses with the state of California in Land Surveying and Civil Engineering. He retired as the Chief Engineer of the Long Beach Water Department. Taking an early retirement he moved his family to northern California near Nevada City, the heart of gold country. He dredged and sniped for gold in the Merced and Yuba rivers. He has been in the gold mines and explored much of that country. William is an evangelic Christian and this thread is seen throughout the fiber of his stories. He is married to Brigitte Wittstock, a German immigrant, and through visits with her German family was inspired to write two novels with Germany as the central setting. William now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his extended family.The Mystery of Table Mountain William Post

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