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Voyages of the Union Yacht

Length: 368 pages6 hours


Join Jake Edward Wells and Linda Marie Wells after their marriage on January 1, 1985 as they take their Union Yacht Express on adventures of the world. This exceptional love story is not only impassioned but intriguing and frightening as Jake embarks into the world of the property game in London. Through his ingenious methods he amasses a small fortune to pay for their extravagant lifestyle; much to the dismay of his enchanting bride, Linda. Jakes unorthodox methods of buying property and other nefarious shenanigans, earns him serious monies; however, even though Linda calls him her “Adorable Outlaw” others could construe his techniques as boarding on criminal and simply refer to him as “Outlaw.” Follow this unique couple as they experience the world tasting the fruits of the extravagant. Link up with this dynamic duo as they traverse the chic hot spots of the world partaking in the epicurean banquets of different cultures. Tag along as they share their souls and flesh, making love in the most romantic, exotic, exhilarating places the world offers; knowing each others thoughts, blending their spirits together making this vibrant duo one with the world they live in. Chase the myriad thoughts of Jake and try and deduce his next moves in the world of the property game in London. Is he a true “Outlaw” or does he simply spot the inadequacies of high finance by the lending institutions of this mature nation? You shall be Jakes judge and jury. Watch Linda as she grows from a beautiful young lady into a woman who not only enhances her beauty, but develops her keen business sense becoming a business woman to be reckoned with. Will her new found astuteness in the business world cause her Union Yacht with Jake to flounder?

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