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Fatal Preview

Length: 128 pages1 hour


Nick Ferrell was awakened by a dream. A dream that was so real, so vivid, he had to call his best friend, Jayson, to tell him about it. When he reached over to the nightstand to pick up his cell phone, it rang. The caller ID display showed it was Nina, his girlfriend. She was calling to let him know that Jayson was dead. As the conversation continued, he came to realize that his dream had become reality. Or had reality become his dream?Detectives Reed and Brahn are in charge of the investigation. Could this case end up being their last?Harris Frank, a reporter for the local newspaper, was following the story, from a distance. He had his own ideas when it came to uncovering the truth. One question, in particular, kept flooding his mind about Nick. Can he see his own death?

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