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Maximum productivity means making something good happen with the minimum effort possible. Since things don’t always go to plan, however, improving productivity often means being more flexible and able to deal effectively with any barriers which eventuate. In other words, to be more effective, be prepared to deal with anything that gets thrown at you. That way you can stay in stride and working towards your goals irrespective of any and all distractions, hindrances or roadblocks.

To get more done consistently, focus on four major areas of productivity:

About the Author

DAVID ALLEN is a management consultant, executive coach and educator. He is the founder and president of his own consulting firm which over the last twenty years has worked with many Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies. Mr. Allen is the author of a newsletter (sent to more than 30,000 subscribers), Principles of Productivity, and a book, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity (2001).

Mr. Allen’s Web site is at

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1. Completion

1. Clean up your current projects before starting new ones

To create energy and clarity for a new project, go through and mentally clear the decks first by:

Completing all the projects you’re half-way through.

Processing everything in your in-basket.

Answering or