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The Attention Economy (Review and Analysis of Davenport and Beck's Book)

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The must-read summary of Thomas Davenport and John Beck's book: "The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business".

This complete summary of the ideas from Thomas Davenport and John Beck's book "The Attention Economy" shows that the scarcest resource for businesses today is not capital, talent or ideas; it is attention. Consumers can only absorb so much information, or choose between so many products. It’s also an issue within the workplace; there are only so many work hours in the day and so many emails one person can reply to. In their book, the authors explain that the successful businesses of the future will realise that time and attention are valuable to their customers, employees and investors. This summary highlights some of the challenges that leaders can expect to face in the coming years and how you can prepare for them.

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To learn more, read "The Attention Economy" and find out why you should focus on allocating attention within your company.

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