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The Age of Speed (Review and Analysis of Poscente's Book)

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The must-read summary of Vince Poscente's book: "The Age of Speed: Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World".

This complete summary of the ideas from Vince Poscente's book "The Age of Speed" shows how rather than feeling guilty about leading a 24/7 lifestyle powered by all the latest technology, it’s time to fully embrace speed and make it your ally instead of your enemy. In his book, the author explains that in order to succeed in making speed your ally, you need to learn how to go fast without exploding. This summary demonstrates the smart approach to doing this by harnessing the accelerating demands for speed in life and business to your own advantage.

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To learn more, read "The Age of Speed" and find out how you can use speed to accomplish truly remarkable things in the current business environment.

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