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Greatest UFO Sighting and Stories of All Time: (UFO Short Stories)


Greatest UFO Sighting and Stories of All Time: (UFO Short Stories). Copyright © 2012 by Sean Mosley.  All rights reserved.  Printed in United States of America.  No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission.

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The Rosewell Incident

The Cash-Landrum Incident


The Kecksburg UFO Incident

The Rendlesham Forest Incident

Varginha UFO Incident

The Belgian UFO Wave

The Battle of Los Angeles

The Colares UFO Flap

The Phoenix Lights

I was sleeping right?

Kosewo, Poland

It happened One Night - September 2003

The Odessa Event

Walking at midnight Up In Door County

N.S.W. Australia, Sussex Inlet

This Is a TRUE story

At 11:27

Sunday, 26 June 2005

Approaching Cleveland

Air Battle with UFO

Okeechobee County, Florida


Full Moon UFO

Lin Bing Xiang

The Roswell Incident

In July 1947 a suspected UFO crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Extra-terrestrial debris marked in alien hieroglyphics and even alien corpses were thought to be recovered. An autopsy was believed to be carried out on the corpse of an alien by U.S. doctors. However, since the 1970s huge controversy has surrounded the Roswell incident. The U.S. military took a firm stance that it was not an alien craft that crashed to Earth but an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to a classified program named Mogul instead. A cover-up to detract the public’s attention of a genuine UFO and alien life in an effort to avoid mass hysteria? Or was it simply the truth that some people do not want to accept?

The Cash-Landrum Incident

December 29 1980 Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum (Vickie’s seven-year-old grandson) were driving home to Dayton, Texas. It was 9pm when a bright light in the trees above them forced them to stop the vehicle. They got out of the car to inspect, Vickie (a devout Christian) believing that it was the second coming of Jesus. They noticed the object omitting the