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The Cost of Greatness

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In The Cost of Greatness, Ryan Gilliam, a former collegiate athlete, tells how he took up the challenges of starting his own business when he was twenty-five. Within several years, his small business had grown to have annual revenues totaling more than $5 million. In his account of his business achievements, he weaves in the details of his family and his spiritual life. This personal approach sheds light on the foundations from which he strove for greatness, while sharing the cost of that striving.
The individual who has an idea for a business incubating in his or her thoughts and dreams, but feels unsure about how to move from idea to plan to reality will find in the pages of The Cost of Greatness a helpful guide for making that journey. It outlines the basics of starting and growing a business. It will provide the spark to motivate and encourage the entrepreneur to turn that idea into a living business.

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