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A B C Club: End of an Era

Length: 311 pages4 hours


The disease of alcohol and drug addiction affects millions of people—some of whom are willing to acknowledge their addiction and therefore seek recovery. The nature of the disease is so crippling that the individual has to either find recovery or else be left with two dreadful options: physical and mental instability or death.

ABC Club—End of an Era describes the history of a safe place where recovering addicts and alcoholics lived while pursuing sobriety, and it focuses on the many interactions and idiosyncrasies of each personality with interviews and other first-hand accounts. Two people operated the treatment center for over thirty-five years, Danny and Helen Leahy—a crusty, down to earth, no-nonsense man and a beautiful, soft, warm and gentle woman. The result was that these two very different people with their different personalities were able to have countless numbers of people utilize recovery and thus learn about a new way of life at the ABC Club.

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