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Blood & Death In Paradise

Length: 234 pages3 hours


These two books are the continuing adventures of FBI agent Lili Foxworthy and her brilliant actor husband Peter von Rabenhorst. As always, with Lili and Peter, they find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, when, first they have to contend with a weird antique shop owner in their own neighborhood, then immortals in the Mayan jungle. Embedded in their life is the sensual and romantic nature of their relationship.

Demon Seeds - When FBI agent Lil Foxworthy and her actor husband Peter von Rabenhorst visited a local antique shop, little do they know how the strange owner of the place will take them to the brink of death.

Gods & Actors In The Mayan Jungle - When FBI agent Lili Foxworthy took a trip with her charismatic husband, actor Peter von Rabenhorst, down to the Yucatan peninsula; all she wanted to do was relax with Peter and help him with the research he needed for an upcoming play, End Game.

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