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Water Dragon - Susan Hart

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Water Dragon: Four Paranormal Stories


Susan Hart

Copyright 2016 Susan Hart

Last Vampire On Earth

Synopsis: Last Vampire On Earth – what will he do?

Alexander was cursed; he knew this well. He wasn't cursed just for a lifetime like so many that he'd known and loved and hated. Alexander was damned for all eternity. He had seen the humans hunt his kind through the centuries until he was the sole remainder of a fabled species.

Then, he watched the humans destroy themselves so arrogantly. After the last of the great wars, there was literally nothing. Not a single creature beside himself remained. Alexander could not die. Instead, he was cursed to endure a crushing loneliness painful more than the worst tortures this sad world had ever seen.

Alexander had lived four hundred years since he'd been changed. Now, he knew that he was damned to roam this wretched nothingness forever more.

At night, when Alexander could roam, it was the silence that of it all that cut him the deepest. Some places he could hear the wind, but even that seemed sick and sad, whipping up slowly into the once crowded streets and carrying with it the sand and dirt and bits of rust.

The very air was gritty when the wind came through. When he walked he could hear the crunching of the tiny bits of glass and sand that spread in a layer over every stretch of paved surface. Against the silence of the empty cities, these footsteps seemed agonizingly loud.

Now and then there would come the creaking and sometimes the crashing of some building or something else, as the entropy would finally devour the structures that had made up all the things that the humans had deemed so important. It was all so meaningless now; so trivial.

Alexander would walk past the billboards that had fallen to the ground and see the images of celebrities and brands of worthless products that humans had worshipped as almighty deities. They seemed to stare back at him mockingly.

The very sight of them, glimmering in the moonlight, angered him. He had watched so many icons rise and fall while nearly his entire existence had relied upon anonymity.

Alexander had been turned when he was only twenty-two years old. He seemed to only age a single year for every century that passed. He couldn't be sure if his face aged with time or merely from the sadness within him. He had watched everyone he ever loved die, some young and some growing older and older until they'd withered nearly to dust.

There had, of course, been a few survivors after the Great War; perhaps a couple hundred in some of the larger cities and a mere handful in each of the rural areas in between. Even now Alexander still came upon the remnants of their efforts to continue the human race; stores of strange supplies and weapons.

It had been at least a decade since he'd seen any sign of a living human being though, or a living anything for that matter. Everything had turned to poison, and while some had been able to resist it for a while, eventually they all had succumb to their end. Alexander envied them for that.

He wondered how each of these last few had gone. Sometimes he would catch himself hoping; contemplating the possibility of a single other vampire being among them somewhere, that perhaps somewhere across the world there was someone just like him wandering through the loneliness of the world's wreckage. He knew though, that such hope could only bring pain and he would soon hold his hopes beneath the darkest waters of his mind until they were drowned.

Alexander had entered the ghost city of what had once been Chicago during the night. The skyscrapers towering on either side of the streets had shed their great glass windows and appeared like monolithic skeletons rising up from the earth.

The glass had long since crumbled to the ground in shards. The shards had been ground nearly to dust by the wind and debris that came with it. Now it covered the streets, catching the moonlight in the most peculiar way. From building to building lay the luminous, shining layer of it. It crunched loudly beneath Alexander's feet as he walked.

He entered a tall building and ascended the stairs to its top. He stepped towards the gaping space where the windows had been and peered down to admire the sight of the street, twinkling like a few billion stars so many stories below him. It was truly beautiful, the first beautiful thing that Alexander had seen in so long.

Something very strange caught his eye.

Further down the street, beyond where Alexander could have possibly seen from ground level, there was a bizarre little scar across the landscape. It appeared that something had been dragged through the crushed glass, dust and debris, leaving a void in the detritus maybe two feet wide.

It ran from the entranceway of one building, across its front and then the line curved around the corner of the building into an alley. Alexander knew at