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Recording Demystified

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A straightforward collection of advice not typically found in other recording books. 

From the author: Mixing many band-recorded albums, I’ve noticed there are several recurring issues in the tracking stage that have made mixing more difficult than it needs to be. These issues often require me to do a lot of salvage work before the actual mixing can begin. With the right tools and knowledge, flawed tracks can be greatly improved upon, but the results are rarely as good as if they were recorded appropriately to begin with. A couple years ago, I started keeping a notebook, writing a little bit about each recurring problem when it cropped up. This book is a compilation of those notes. I hope they can be of use to people who want to make better recordings. 

Credentials: Neil Weir entered the recording industry as a staff engineer and assistant at the legendary Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, in the late ’90s. Since then he’s worked at his studio, Blue Bell Knoll (formally Old Blackberry Way), tracking, mixing, and mastering records for artists from around the world. In addition to recording music for others, he also plays in the critically-acclaimed bands The Chambermaids, Sativa Flats, and Pony Trash, and also teaches recording techniques at University of Minnesota’s Radio K.

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