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Ultimate Guide to e-Cigarette Retail Business

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Ultimate Guide to e-Cigarette Retail Business

Step By Step Guide on how to Open a Vape Shop on a  Budget

The e-cigarette business has thrived since it started. During 2012-2013 E-cigarette industry has seen the growth of around 300% over the previous year. It is expected to grow even more and by the end of 2017, it is expected to reach around 3 billion dollars. Yet the business is still in its infancy. There is incredible potential for expansion, especially right now. Those same market professionals also believe that the market will continue to expand, with e-cigs outselling traditional cigarettes by 2047. Does this sound like the kind of opportunity you are looking for?

Why is the e-cigarette retail business so appealing? The answer is simple. E-cigarettes present an untapped market where you can not only have a business, but also expand it around the corner, around the Internet, and ultimately, around the world.

By starting an e-cigarette business now, you can get into the market before it becomes saturated. Too many products are hard to sell. You have to take a low-profit margin on those other products because everyone else is trying to sell the same thing. The demand is great, but the supply is even greater.

I have been at the forefront of e-cigarette business both the wholesale and retail level for last three years. I am not only a wholesaler and retailer, but I am also a direct importer of e- cigarette products. I have made numerous trips to China in last few years and seen first hand how massive and fast-growing industry this truly is.

I put together this guide book to give my readers an inside look at how easy it can be to set up and operate an e-cigarette retail business even with a tight budget.

This is a two-part guide. The first part I discuss everything about how to setup and start your retail business. The second part I discuss how to start and grow your online business. You can essentially start both at the same time or just start one of the two, whichever you are comfortable with.

After reading the first part you will learn:

How to get started

How much money you will need

How to select the right location

How to negotiate a lease on a store

How to decorate and set up your store

How to order your products/inventory

How to properly merchandise your store

How to promote, advertise and market your new business (marketing plan)

How to operate your store day to day

How to wholesale to other local retailers

In Part two you will learn:

How to get a domain and hosting registration done for your online business

How to setup an e-commerce site even if you have never done one before

How to find a credit card processor to process your online payment

How to easily build up your online store

How to merchandise your online store

How to ship products to your online buyers

How to market and promote your online store effectively

How to have a grand opening of your online store

Remember every day you wait and think about taking the first step; someone else is already taking that same first step and getting ahead of you. Opportunities are being taken every day, so don't fall behind. Get started and this is the tool to help you get started on the right track.

Good luck!

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