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The Fast Metabolism Diet: How to Eat More to Lose More

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How to Eat More to Lose More

My 24 weeks Research and Findings with 5 overweight People on Fast Metabolism Diet

I am a professional independent researcher with a keen interest in diet regimens and health routines. I have a Master's degree in Statistics, and I have worked as a freelancer for several for-profit and nonprofit organizations on various case studies and researches. This book is based on one of the researches I carried out for a company and is part of a three series book in which I covered my research on three popular diet regiments- Ketogenic diet, Mediterranean diet and Fast Metabolism Diet. When I carried out this research, I wasn’t allowed to publish or share my findings, as per contract, for 12 months. Now that, the period has passed, I am excited at the prospect of finally being able to share my research process along with results of the 5 individuals and how they each did in their respective diet plan.

For Fast Metabolism diet, I took in 5 people all of whom were overweight, introduced them to Fast Metabolism diet, coached them, monitored them every week, I also took notes of their weight and collected all the other related data.

In this book I explain:

What is Fast Metabolism Diet

How this diet works

How to test metabolism

What to eat and what not to eat

What the experts say about this diet plan

Next I Breakdown My Research Process:

Details about each participant

How the Study took place

What the results are

What I found by doing this research

What I concluded from this research

Lastly, I share with you:

A list of Do's and Don'ts

How to prepare yourself for success

Many great tasting breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

My final thoughts and advice

I wrote these books in a format which is not like research paper; they read and flow like a normal book and without any complex statistical analysis. As I understand readers do not want to see or read complicated statistical analysis instead they want to read about the findings and results in plain English. Hope you will benefit from my work.

Good Luck!

"I was one of her research participants, I was glad when I heard she would get to share our results in a book, it was a great program and at first little hard to adjust, but after the 3rd week it all just came together. I am happy to say I did manage to lose exactly 85lbs and it has been 3 months since the program ended and I am still feeling great as I did manage to keep that weight off me, so wish me luck! A big huge thanks to Jennifer. You Rock!!!" -May. H

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