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Mediterranean Diet For Heart Health and Weight Loss: My 24 Weeks Research and Findings With 5 Overweight People on Mediterranean Diet

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Mediterranean Diet For Heart Health and Weight Loss

My 24 Weeks Research And Findings With 5 Overweight People On Mediterranean Diet

I am an independent professional researcher with a keen interest in diet regimens and health routines. I have a Master's degree in statistics, and I have worked as a freelancer for several for-profit and nonprofit organizations on various case studies and researches. This book is based on one of the researches I carried out for a company and is part of a three series book in which I will be covering my research on three popular diet regiments- the Ketogenic Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and Fast Metabolism Diet.  When I carried out this research, I wasn’t allowed to publish or share my findings, as per contract, for 12 months. Now that, that period has passed, I am excited at the prospect of finally being able to share my test research along with results.

I feel that, too often, people are misled by fad diets, and when they don’t experience any concrete results, they give up. Sometimes, they give up too soon, even before a diet can cause any positive changes to the body. I also observed that low carb diets are usually attacked by the media and foodies, trashing it and labeling it to be harmful for the human body. To unearth the truth, I set out to do my own research using my knowledge of research and statistical analysis, and what I found throughout this journey was amazing!

In this book, I discuss the Mediterranean diet, its benefits, and how it can help steer you towards a healthy lifestyle. Being a freelance researcher gives me many avenues to conduct research.  This research on the Mediterranean diet was conducted with the purpose of finding the truth about the diet, its effectiveness, and ideas to implement it in daily life with relative ease. At the time this research was conducted, I could not publish it due to my contract with the company, but now that the period has elapsed, I am free to share my results with you.

In this book I explain:

What is Mediterranean Diet

How this diet works

7 Basics of the food Pyramid

8 Basic rules of the Mediterranean Diet

5 Key benefits of Ketogenic diet

Healing type 2 diabetes with Mediterranean Diet

Healing strokes and heart disease with Mediterranean Diet

Reducing risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

How this diet makes you lose weight

Next I Breakdown My Research Process:

Details about each participant

How the Study took place

What the results are

What I found by doing this research

What I concluded from this research

Lastly, I share with you:

10 Easy to follow steps to success

How to prepare yourself for success

15 Great tasting breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

My final thoughts and advice

Good Luck! - Jennifer Robson

"I am one of the participants in the Mediterranean diet program, I was not only overweight but I was on medication for high Cholesterol as well.  But after 2 weeks it felt more natural as I started to gain more energy and life in general just felt better. I am excited to say I have lost 81lbs and almost 150 points drop in my total Cholesterol. I feel Alive !!!!" - M. Davis

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