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The Heresy The Story of the Angry Monkeys Some Muddy Water and the Dirty Mirror

Length: 152 pages1 hour


This is the third book in the series about the Unseen Warfare happening today in the Kingdom of heaven that’s at hand and how it relates to Oklahoma, The United States and the New World order yesterday, today and tomorrow. By now you realize how there is actually nothing sacred about the unethical activities manifested by everyone in all our societies. Including the NSA Operatives masquerading as Priests throughout the World who are complicit with furthering the Heresy that Western Christianity has fallen into over the past thousand plus years. The Love of money is the root of so many forms of evil and is actually the thoughts behind a corrupt buearocracy responsible for all the delays and denials in Healthcare and disability benefits to our Nations Veterans. It is also the mindfulness behind the Earthquakes related to Fracking for Oil and Gas throughout Oklahoma and the Contemplation that created the reasoning for switching water supplies in Flint Michigan all to save $50 per resident per year. The Mind that Love’s money more than all others is a deranged mind in this book you will get a better idea of how the Deranged Western Christian mind was actually created and how this unfortunately spread for centuries. I will even present information about who wrote the earliest books of the bible and how the current books used today where written and compiled. We will take a look at the random thoughts ideas and comments of 101 unique Oklahoma Minds, the same minds made in the image and likeness of God. Please get yourself some tea at the Red Cup Café in OKC and enjoy! The Book Series
1st Book: Unseen Warfare- A story of Liberty, Love, Marriage Equality, Legal Marijuana, VA Healthcare, Criminal Justice Reform.
2nd Book: Pimps and Priests- A story of Secret NSA Gay conversion therapy being forced on America!
3rd Book: The Heresy- The story of the angry monkeys some muddy water and the dirty mirror
4th Book: LGBT – Living Gods Breathing Today!

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