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The Reign of Hudich Part I (Max and the Gatekeeper Book V)

Length: 343 pages5 hours


The evil plans of the Dark Society and the permanent arrival of Hudich on Earth have brought about the collapse of the Federal and State Governments along with others around the globe. Freedom fighters across the country have banded together and face annilation on a nightly basis. Armies under Hudich’s control sweep across the world destroying all who oppose him, leaving waste to entire areas.

The Fight to save others and bring about the end of the Dark Society and Hudich’s reign will send Max and the others into battle against an enemy that shows no mercy. With Max and his group’s help, a new army will rise to help them in their struggles.

In their efforts to gather together and aid those seeking freedom, Max and his friends uncover a plot to release of a dark magical virus that will end the war and spell defeat for those fighting against Hudich. Their efforts to stop the discharge of this agent will lead them back to the secret base in the Nevada desert.

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