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The Stepbrother

Length: 44 pages33 minutes


The Stepbrother is a carnal tale of taboo and blackmail. Kaci’s life is turned upside down when her mother remarries. Having a father is great, but can she handle having a stepbrother? Not only is the man handsome and unafraid to show off his naked frame, but he seems quite intent on seducing Kaci. Can she resist his charms? If not, will she do so willingly or at the hands of blackmail?

Excerpt from The Stepbrother:
“And who might you be?” he asked, though he clearly already knew the answer.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “I’m Kaci. I’m your new sister.” Saying that only made me feel worse about the arousal that plagued me. I tried to chase it away, but it refused to leave.

“Well, Kaci My New Sister, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said as he gently took my hand and laid a gentle kiss upon it. I probably would have been flattered by the show of respect had his lips not sent a shiver rippling through me. The spike in my arousal told me it wasn’t innocent.

No one spoke for a while. We just stood there, staring at each other.

“So, why were you standing in front of my door?” he asked. “Not spying on me, I hope.”

I knew he was only teasing, but I wanted to make it clear I had not planned on seeing him naked.

“Of course not,” I shot back. “I was just exploring the mansion and... well, I kind of got lost.”

Karl chuckled.

“That’s quite understandable. If you like, I can show you the way back to your room.”

I nodded appreciatively. “That would be great.”

“Do you mind if I get dressed first?” asked Karl.

“Of course not,” I answered, my gaze instinctively travelling down to the man’s crotch. I looked away as soon as I realized what I was doing, but it was too late. My stepbrother had seen what I had done. I held my breath, terrified of what he would do next.

“You know what?” he asked. “I can get dressed later. There’s something I’ve been meaning to do ever since I first laid eyes on you.”

I was afraid I wouldn’t like the answer, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Really?” I asked. “What?”

“This” was his enigmatic answer. What he did next was so unexpected I didn’t have time to react. He reached out and grabbed me by the waist. Puling me close to him, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. Moments later, his tongue slipped into my mouth. It tentatively moved around, exploring my mouth. I was so shocked I couldn’t move. I just stood there as my stepbrother kissed me...

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