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Touch of Redemption

Length: 394 pages5 hours


“The body was bruised in several places. Dry blood and saliva were evident over parts of his face and near the mouth. Joe knelt down and read the piece of paper: mcgrath this here you last warnin. you and that black basterd rucker git outta town or you gonna be next.”

In Touch of Redemption, the second book in the Joe McGrath and Sam Rucker Detective Novels, the two men embark on a difficult journey—an attempt to find the murderers of Joe’s father twenty-five years ago. It is 1948 in segregated Alabama, and Joe, a white man, and Sam, a black man, face numerous obstacles, the least of which is the racism and bigotry of the time, while struggling with the challenges of solving a murder case a quarter century old. The men face corrupt judges and law enforcement officials, and a secret fraternity of men determined to maintain the Southern way of life and ‘the operation,’ their illegal liquor business. All this occurs against a backdrop of a seemingly bucolic small Southern town, Montevallo, home to a college for women.

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